Arnou De Melo

Bass player, composer and musical producer
Phones - +55-47-3348-9210 / +55-47-99917-5842 (WhatsAppp)


As a self-taught, Arnou learned music and his instrument when playing in his home town, Itajai-SC, Brazil, and graduated in 1990, from BIT (Bass Institute of Technology), Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California – USA. 
Being a musician for over 50 years, Arnou began his professional career at the age of 17. Born in Itajai (SC, Brazil) dedicates his life to the production and diffusion of Jazz and Brazilian music. 
Arnou has played with great names of the Brazilian music such as Luiz Meira, Cláudio Infante, Vinícius Dorin, Arismar do Espírito Santo,  Jorginho do Trompete, Toninho Horta, Lupa Santiago, Guinha Ramirez, Alessandro Kramer, Robertinho Silva, Téo Lima, Alegre Correa, João Donato, among others. 
Today he teaches and works in studios, night clubs, shows, producing other artists, production and direction of his musical work (Brazilian Jazz and Jazz). 


  In Itajaí:- Oscar N. Kleis (Neni) 
At Musicians Institute:- Jeff Berlin, Bob Magnusson, Christian Foley-Beinning, Carl Shroeder, Paul Farnen, Alexis Skljarevski, Putter Smith, Gary Willis, Dave Pozzi, Dave Kief, Steve Bailey, Carl Cedar, Jim Lacefield.


 “Fantasia”  (Fantasy) – Arnou De Melo - 2009 
“Soprando Baixo” – duo Soprando Baixo - 2014 
“Monções”  (Monsoon) – Arnou De Melo - 2019


  • Currently teaches Electric Bass privately as well as Double Bass and Live Playing Workshop at Itajai Music Conservatory.
  • Musical direction and co-production of the project “Itajazz - Grandes Encontros” ( since 1996, which features great names of Brazilian music.
  • Released in 2019 his second solo CD “Moncoes” (Monsoon) with his originals.
  • Pedagogical Coordinator of the Music Festival of Itajai – 2005 to 2008 and 2017 to present time.
  • In Europe, in 2016, he performed a Tour in Italy and Spain, presenting a concert at “Torino Jazz Festival”, one of the most important Italian jazz festivals.
  • Tour of the concert "Moncoes" (Monsoon) throughout the state of Sta. Catarina, June and July, 2015.
  • Released in 2014 the CD “Soprando Baixo”, on a duo with the saxophone player Gledison Zabote, with whom he toured through the State of Sta. Catarina and Argentina.
  • Tour in 2012 with Trio Cordas & Cuerdas in Uruguay and Argentina, by invitation from Red Cultural Mercosur  (Mercosul Cultural Network).
  • Presentation of the project "Unveiling the Music in Elementary School" which led the instrumental music to local schools students, Itajai (SC).
  • Tour in Austria, in the cities of Lustenau, Klosterneuburg and Gmunden, with the Brazilian singer Ana Paula da Silva, in November/2010.
  • Tour promoting his CD "Fantasia" (Fantasy), which was released in 2009, throughout the state of Sta. Catarina, August/2010.
  • Musical director of FEMIC - St. Catarina Music and Integration Festival, 2007 to 2010.
  • Director of Itajai Music Conservatory 2007/2008.



Released in 2009, his first solo work features his own compositions and arrangements, with the titles:

A Grande Viagem (The Journey)
Fantasia (Fantasy)
Grandes Encontros (The Jam)
Itajaí, Ares e Mares (Itajai, The Breeze and Sea)
Blues por Nêni (Blues for Neni)
Samba Novo (New Samba)
Lélia (Lelia)


Released in 2019, his second solo work features his own compositions and arrangements, as follows:

Coração Leve (Soothed Heart)
Anjo da Guarda (Guardian Angel)
Monções (Monsoon)
Tom Brasileiro (Tom Brasileiro)
Até Mais, Calica (So Long, Calica)
O Pescador e o Mar (The Fisherman And The Sea)
Ondas da Atalaia (Waves On Atalaia)
O Garnisé (The Little Rooster)


Released in 2014, Soprando Baixo was recorded in a duo with saxophonist Gledison Zabote. It contains tunes written by both, Arnou and Gledison as well as tunes written by Marcos Archetti and Rafael dos Santos, arranged by the duo.

Blues en Obol (M. Archetti)
Até Mais, Calica (A. Melo)
Débora (R. dos Santos)
O Garnisé (A. Melo)
Maracatu pro Carlota (G. Zabote)
Mariá (G. Zabote)
Nocturno (M. Archetti)
Coração Leve (A. Melo)


arnou de melo septet

From left do right:
Rubens Azevedo - tenor sax / flute
Evandro Hasse - trombone / trumpet / flute
Edilson Tatu - piano
Arnou De Melo - electric and double basses
Daniel Montero - ac. and elec. guitar
Carlinhos Percussa - percussion
Willian Goe - drums

arnou de melo quartet

Gledison Zabote - tenor and soprano sax
Arnou De Melo - electric and double basses
Edilson Tatu - piano
Willian Goe - drums

arnou de melo trio

Edilson Tatu - piano
Arnou De Melo - electric and double basses
Willian Goe - drums

soprando baixo duo

Arnou De Melo - electric and double basses
Gledison Zabote - tenor and soprano sax


Created in 1996, the Itajazz Group, dedicated to Brazilian Popular Music and Jazz, has consolidated itself as the transformative musical movement in the entire region. 
In the pictures the releasing night of the CD "Monções" (Monsoon) during the 24th Itajazz - Grandes Encontros (an event of four nights of concerts that happens every year).